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Bollo, Robert J; Carlson, Chad; Schevon, Catherine; Wisoff, Jeffrey H; Devinsky, Orrin; Weiner, Howard L
"Extraoperative functional mapping and staged resection of supratentorial tumors near eloquent cortex in children"
Pediatric neurosurgery 2009 ; 45(3):175-180
We present our technique for extraoperative functional mapping in awake children with supratentorial tumors near eloquent cortex. This technique may help optimize tumor resection and/or the functional outcome, especially when an awake craniotomy is not possible or in the setting of coincident seizures. After subdural electrode implantation, extraoperative functional mapping and seizure focus mapping were performed, followed by staged tumor resection. Gross total resection was achieved in 6 patients and subtotal resection in 2. No complications due to electrode placement or invasive monitoring were observed. Staged resection of pediatric brain tumors near the eloquent cortex appears safe, allows functional mapping in awake patients, and may assist in decisions between maximal tumor resection and optimal functional outcome

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