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Delanty, N; French, JA
"New options in epilepsy pharmacotherapy"
Formulary (Cleveland, Ohio) 1998 ; 33(12):1190-+
The advent of numerous new options in epilepsy drag therapy over the last 5 years is enabling a more flexible and individualized approach to patients with seizures and, in many cases, reducing troublesome side effects associated with the more standard anticonvulsants. This article profiles the five most recently approved antiepileptic drugs (felbamate, gabapentin, lamotrigine, topiramate, and tiagabine) and two investigational agents that may soon he approved (vigabatrin and zonisamide), and also briefly discusses new formulations of several older anticonvulsants. No clear differences in efficacy have emerged among the new agents. Although one drug may be clearly superior in an individual patient, accurate prediction of individual response is not possible. Thus, patients with epilepsy should have access to all new antiepileptic drugs. $$:

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