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Gilliam, F G; Maton, B M; Martin, R C; Sawrie, S M; Faught, R E; Hugg, J W; Viikinsalo, M; Kuzniecky, R I
"Hippocampal 1H-MRSI correlates with severity of depression symptoms in temporal lobe epilepsy"
Neurology 2007 Jan 30; 68(5):364-368
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the association of an indicator of hippocampal function with severity of depression symptoms in temporal lobe epilepsy. METHODS: We evaluated 31 patients with video/EEG-confirmed temporal lobe epilepsy using creatine/N-acetylaspartate ratio maps derived from a previously validated (1)H magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging ((1)H-MRSI) technique at 4.1 T. We also assessed depression symptoms, epilepsy-related factors, and self-perceived social and vocational disability. We used conservative nonparametric bivariate procedures to determine the correlation of severity of depression symptoms with imaging and clinical variables. RESULTS: The extent of hippocampal (1)H-MRSI abnormalities correlated with severity of depression (Spearman rho = 0.65, p value < 0.001), but other clinical factors did not. CONCLUSION: The extent of hippocampal dysfunction is associated with depression symptoms in temporal lobe epilepsy and may be a more important factor than seizure frequency or degree of disability

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