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Nakhutina, L; Pramataris, P; Morrison, C; Devinsky, O; Barr, W B
"Reliable change indices and regression-based measures for the Rey-Osterreith Complex Figure test in partial epilepsy patients"
Clinical neuropsychologist 2010 Jan; 24(1):38-44
The Rey-Osterreith Complex Figure (ROCF) is commonly used in evaluations of patients undergoing epilepsy surgery. We assessed test-retest performance on ROCF in 30 partial epilepsy patients (mean interval = 33.7 months) to derive reliable change indices (RCIs) and regression-based measures for change. ROCF reproductions were rescored by three raters (IRR Copy: 0.963; Delayed Recall: 0.986). The derived adjusted RC (90% CI) cutoff values for the ROCF Copy were (<or=-6.5, >or=8.4) and were (<or=-6.8, >or=10.0) for the Delayed Recall. Results from regression-based analyses were negative, using age, education, seizure duration, and age of onset, whereas a baseline score was a significant predictor of a follow-up score. The results provide a means to evaluate long-term outcome in epilepsy patients using the ROCF

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