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Barr, William B
"Not forgetting about memory"
Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society 2010 ; 16(2):394-395
Reviews the book, Marking the Mind: A History of Memory, by Kurt Danziger (see record 2008-14739-000). This book provides a very interesting, readable, and concise account of how our conceptions of memory have developed over the ages. In this book, the author places memory within a sociohistorical context, demonstrating how the metaphors used to describe this process have, over the ages, paralleled developments in communication technology. While reading this book, one readily discovers how the development of psychology as an empirical science has resulted in separating the study of memory from any relationship to context or meaning. The book is composed of nine well-organized chapters. Each of these is preceded by a useful chapter outline placed within a clearly readable table. Overall, the book does a nice job of reintroducing us to views of memory taken from the past while simultaneously challenging the dogma of many of our current approaches to this phenomenon.

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