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Huang PP; Doyle WK; Abbott IR
"Atypical meningioma of the third ventricle in a 6-year-old boy"
Neurosurgery 1993 Aug; 33(2):312-5; discussion 315
Pediatric meningiomas are uncommon. Those presenting in the third ventricle are rare; there are only 15 cases reported in the literature. We report an additional third ventricular meningioma in a 6-year-old boy. The tumor was resected via an anterior transcallosal interfornicial approach. Postoperatively, the patient exhibited a transient episode of mutism. Unlike previous reports, the pathological diagnosis of this lesion was an atypical meningioma. The presentation, management, pathological features, and postoperative course of our case are discussed and compared with previous reports

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