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Suffren, Sabrina; Braun, Claude M J; Guimond, Anik; Devinsky, Orrin
"Opposed hemispheric specializations for human hypersexuality and orgasm?"
Epilepsy & behavior 2011 May; 21(1):12-19
With a multiple case report analysis we demonstrate that hypersexuality more often results from right hemisphere (RH) (n=26) than left hemisphere (LH) (n=7) lesions, possibly because of LH release after the RH lesion, and that ictal orgasm more often occurs in patients with right-sided (n=23) than left-sided (n=8) seizure foci, with the symptom probably resulting from RH activation. The LH may be specialized for increasing sexual tension, whereas the RH may be specialized for release of this tension (orgasm), the former being catabolic and the latter anabolic. Several other interpretations of the findings are also discussed

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