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Buckley, Ashura Williams; Sassower, Kenneth; Rodriguez, Alcibiades J; Jennison, Kaitlin; Wingert, Katherine; Buckley, Jack; Thurm, Audrey; Sato, Susumu; Swedo, Susan
"An open label trial of donepezil for enhancement of rapid eye movement sleep in young children with autism spectrum disorders"
Journal of child & adolescent psychopharmacology 2011 Aug; 21(4):353-357
Abstract Background: Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is greatest in the developing brain, is driven by acetylcholine, and may represent a protected time for neuroplasticity. Recently published data from our lab observed that children with autism spent significantly less time in this state during a single night recording than did typically developing children and those with developmental delay without autism. The objective of this study was to determine whether or not donepezil can increase the REM % in children with diagnosed autism spectrum disorder (ASD) found to have REM % values of at least two standard deviations below expected for age. Methods: Five subjects found to have an ASD (ages 2.5-6.9 years) and demonstrated deficits in REM sleep compared with within-lab controls were enrolled in a dose finding study of donepezil. Each subject was examined by polysomnography for REM sleep augmentation after drug administration. Results: REM sleep as a percentage of Total Sleep Time was increased significantly and REM latency was decreased significantly after drug administration in all subjects. No other observed sleep parameter was changed significantly. Conclusions: Donepezil can increase the amount of time that children with an ASD spend in the REM sleep state. A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial is needed to assess the association between REM sleep augmentation and learning, cognition, and behavior in such children

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