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Martin, R C; Gilliam, F G; Kilgore, M; Faught, E; Kuzniecky, R
"Improved health care resource utilization following video-EEG-confirmed diagnosis of nonepileptic psychogenic seizures"
Seizure 1998 Oct; 7(5):385-390
The economic burden of epilepsy is well recognized. However, empirical investigation establishing costs associated with the diagnosis and treatment of non-epileptic psychogenic seizures (NEPS) is lacking. We studied 20 patients with video/EEG monitoring-confirmed NEPS to determine the effect of definitive diagnosis and treatment on medical costs and utilization. A medical resource utilization questionnaire and inpatient medical chart review were employed to calculate utilization information. Medication usage, outpatient visits, emergency room admissions, and diagnostic testing over a 6-month pre-diagnosis and a 6-month post-diagnosis period were compared. There was an 84% average reduction in total seizure-related medical charges in the 6 months following NEPS diagnosis. Average diagnostic testing charges declined 76%, average medication charges decreased 69%, outpatient clinic visits declined 80%, and emergency room visits reduced by 97%. A majority of patients obtaining a definitive inpatient video/EEG-seizure-monitoring-confirmed NEPS diagnosis experience substantial reductions in health care utilization and dollar costs

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