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Lombardo, A J; Kuzniecky, R; Powers, R E; Brown, G B
"Altered brain sodium channel transcript levels in human epilepsy"
Brain research. Molecular brain research 1996 Jan; 35(1-2):84-90
Normal, and perhaps pathological, characteristics of neuronal excitability are related to the distribution and density of voltage-gated ion channels such as the sodium channel. We studied normal and epileptic human brain using the ligase detection reaction to measure the relative quantities of mRNAs encoding sodium channel subtypes 1 and 2. Normal brains exhibited characteristic 1:2 ratios which varied by brain region, but the ratios were invariate among individuals. These normal values were altered as much as threefold in anatomically corresponding regions of epileptic brain tissues. Changes of this magnitude in such a highly conserved value support a potential role for sodium channels in the pathophysiology of epilepsy

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