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Kuzniecky, R; Morawetz, R; Faught, E; Black, L
"Frontal and central lobe focal dysplasia: clinical, EEG and imaging features"
Developmental medicine & child neurology 1995 Feb; 37(2):159-166
The authors studied 11 patients with developmental malformations and seizures originating from the frontal and central regions. Patients with centrally located seizures had primary involvement of the face or mouth; clonic activity involving the limb was also seen. Seizures among those with frontal lesions were primarily unilateral or bilateral tonic motor. Secondary generalized tonic-clonic seizures preceded by focal manifestations occurred infrequently in those with central localization, but were not rare in the frontal group. MRI revealed abnormalities in 10 patients, nine of whom underwent surgical resection with good results. Focal cortical dysplasia may be the underlying epileptogenic abnormality in young patients with clinical features suggestive of central or frontal cortical involvement

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