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Kuzniecky, R; Faught, E; Morawetz, R
"Surgical treatment of epilepsy: initial results based upon epidural electroencephalographic recordings"
Southern medical journal 1990 Jun; 83(6):637-639
We describe our initial results in 50 consecutive patients who had investigation for possible surgical treatment of intractable focal epilepsy. Forty-three were investigated using intracranial epidural or foramen ovale electrodes. Forty-five had cortical resection (43 temporal, one frontal, and one parietal). Thirty-two patients who had resection have been followed up for 6 months to 4 years, and 29 (90%) have had good results. Our findings suggest that epidural recordings are valuable in patients with epilepsy who are being considered for surgical resection. They offer an alternative to depth intracerebral investigations in the majority of patients

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