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Thati, Srinivas; Carlson, Chad; Maskill, John D; Anderson, John G; Bohay, Donald R
"Tibial compartment syndrome and the cavovarus foot"
Foot & ankle clinics 2008 Jun; 13(2):120-123
Compartment syndrome of the leg is an orthopedic emergency that requires a high index of suspicion for diagnosis and a low threshold for surgical management to prevent devastating complications. Where the clinical findings are subtle, continuous monitoring of compartment pressures, with clinical correlation, is the key to diagnosis. Surgical management should include decompression of all four compartments and early rehabilitation to prevent ischemic contracture. If contracture develops, it may cause varying degrees of equinocavovarus deformity of the foot and ankle. Appropriate evaluation and careful surgical planning that considers all components of this complex deformity are essential for obtaining good clinical results

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