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Welsh, Antoinette J; Bender, H Allison; Whitman, Lindsay A; Vasserman, Marsha; Macallister, William S
"Clinical utility of reliable digit span in assessing effort in children and adolescents with epilepsy"
Archives of clinical neuropsychology 2012 Nov; 27(7):735-741
The assessment of effort is an important aspect of a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation, as this can significantly impact data interpretation. While recent work has validated the appropriateness of adult-derived cutoffs for standalone effort measures in younger populations, little research has focused on embedded effort measures in children. The present study includes 54 clinically referred children and adolescents (32 males/22 females; aged 6-17) with a confirmed diagnosis of epilepsy. Reliable Digit Spans (RDSs) were calculated and the Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM) was administered in the context of a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation. Using a previously published RDS cutoff of

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