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Kwauk ST; Miles D; Pinilla J; Arnold C
"A simple method for endoscopic placement of a nasoduodenal feeding tube"
Surgical endoscopy 1996 Jun; 10(6):680-683
The key to short-term enteral feeding in patients with gastroparesis is to deliver the nutrition beyond the pylorus. Endoscopic assisted methods allow the precise placement of the feeding tube to the small bowel. However, the main difficulty in association with these procedures is feeding-tube migration into the stomach during the withdrawal of the endoscope. We have developed an endoscopic method with a high success rate which prevents this problem. A reusable angiocatheter guidewire was threaded through the feeding tube, passing beyond the distal opening prior to the withdrawal of the scope. Counterpressure was applied to the feeding tube during the withdrawal of the endoscope. We have successfully placed feeding tubes in 22 out of 23 patients with no complications

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