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Pacia SV; Doyle WK; Broderick PA
"Biogenic amines in the human neocortex in patients with neocortical and mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: identification with in situ microvoltammetry"
Brain research 2001 Apr 27; 899(1-2):106-111
Biogenic amines in well defined subtypes of human temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) have not been well characterized. Specimens from five patients with neocortical TLE (NTLE) and nine with mesial TLE (MTLE) were immediately placed in Ringer's lactate; stearate indicator microelectrodes were placed in temporal gray matter, Ag/AgCl reference microelectrodes and auxiliary microelectrodes were placed 3-7 mm contralaterally to the indicator microelectrode. Dopamine (DA), ascorbic acid (AA), norepinephrine (NE) and serotonin (5-HT) were identified by their characteristic oxidative potentials in vitro. Four of five patients with NTLE had NE depletion in temporal neocortex while eight of nine patients with MTLE had high concentrations of NE (chi-square P<0.01). Significant concentrations of DA were present in the temporal lobes of three of five NTLE patients but in only one of the nine MTLE patients (chi-square P<0.05). 5-HT was present in the neocortex of both NTLE and MTLE patients in similar concentrations. AA was found in the neocortex of one NTLE patient. These data support an association between NE depletion and NTLE. The relative NE deficiency along with the consistent presence of DA in NTLE patients suggest an impairment in the catecholamine pathway. The presence of AA, a co-factor in NE synthesis, in the neocortex of one NTLE patient may also be related since AA is a cofactor in NE synthesis

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