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Barr WB; Rastogi R; Ravdin L; Hilton E
"Relations among indexes of memory disturbance and depression in patients with Lyme borreliosis"
Applied neuropsychology 1999 ; 6(1):12-18
This study examined the relation between complaints of memory disturbance and measures of mood and memory functioning in 55 patients with serological evidence of late-stage Lyme Borreliosis (LB). Patients completed the Self-Ratings of Memory Questionnaire (SRMQ) and the Beck Depression Inventory. Memory functioning was assessed with the California Verbal Learning Test. Depressed patients exhibited more frequent complaints of memory disturbance on the SRMQ, although their pattern of responses did not differ from nondepressed patients. There was a significant correlation between subjective memory ratings and self-reported depression (Spearman rho = -.57, p < .001). No relation was observed between subjective memory ratings and objective memory performance. The results indicate subjective complaints of more severe memory disturbance in patients with LB and depression. Particular attention should be paid to the assessment of depression and subjective symptoms of memory disturbance when administering neuropsychological tests of memory functioning in patients with LB.

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