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Strauss E; Hunter M; Hermann BP; Loring DW; Trenerry MR; Barr WB; Chelune GJ; Perrine K; Westerveld M; Wada J
"Differential rates of age of seizure onset between sexes and between hemispheres?"
Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society 1997 Sep; 3(5):428-434
In a descriptive analysis of 158 patients with temporal lobe epilepsy, Taylor (1969) reported that the age of first seizure varied systematically as a function of laterality and sex. We conducted inferential analyses of Taylor's original data which (1) provided support for his proposal of disproportionate left hemisphere vulnerability to seizure onset in early life, but (2) failed to provide evidence of sex differences in age of onset of unilateral seizures. Examination of these effects in a larger sample of 844 patients drawn from the Bozeman Epilepsy Consortium provided some additional support for findings from the inferential analysis. Specifically, the left hemisphere appeared more vulnerable to seizure onset in childhood, this increased vulnerability extending to about age 5 years. Age of onset of seizures was not different when males and females were compared. Thus, reanalysis of Taylor's original data as well as examination of data from a larger, more contemporary sample suggest that seizure onset varies as a function of laterality, but not sex.

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