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Siegel M; Kurzrok N; Barr WB; Rowan AJ
"Game-playing epilepsy"
Epilepsia 1992 Jan-Feb; 33(1):93-97
A 25-year-old woman with documented generalized seizures evoked by playing checkers was given a battery of psychological tests as well as a series of cognitive and non-game-related tasks during a session of intensive EEG-video monitoring. Generalized epileptiform discharges during each task, as well as during intervals of checkers playing, were quantified to determine possible triggering factors. Previous reports have discussed the roles of attention, concentration, stress, thinking, and spatial processing in similar cases. Our analysis showed significant activation of the EEG only with tasks involving strategic thinking, i.e., considering a sequence of moves based on evaluating the consequences of previous moves.

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