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Barr WB; Mukherjee S; Degreef G; Caracci G
"Anomalous dominance and persistent tardive dyskinesia"
Biological psychiatry 1989 Apr 1; 25(7):826-834
We examined handedness and cerebral hemispheric asymmetries on computed tomography (CT) scan in a sample of schizophrenic patients who were rated also for the presence or absence of persistent tardive dyskinesia (TD). Patients with TD showed a more standard dominance pattern, with dextral hand preference and normal occipital asymmetry. Anomalous dominance was associated with a marked underrepresentation of TD. Stepwise discriminant analyses indicated that the statistical prediction of TD was enhanced by the inclusion of dominance measures. Schizophrenic patients with strong standard dominance patterns may be more susceptible to developing TD, or conversely, anomalous dominance may confer protection against TD.

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