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Perry S; Belsky-Barr D; Barr WB; Jacobsberg L
"Neuropsychological function in physically asymptomatic, HIV-seropositive men"
Journal of neuropsychiatry & clinical neurosciences 1989 Summer; 1(3):296-302
Twenty asymptomatic, HIV-seropositive homosexual men and a control group of 20 seronegative homosexual men were evaluated for evidence of neuropsychological impairment. Two-tailed paired t-tests of group differences revealed that the seropositive patients had significantly lower scores on two of 20 neuropsychological measures. Ten seropositive patients had scores two standard deviations below the sample, compared with three seronegative patients, a significantly different distribution (p = .04). The HIV-infected group exhibited lower mean scores on 17 of 20 variables (binomial probability, p less than .005). The 10 seropositive patients with scores that fell below the cut-off had significantly lower mean T4/T8 ratios than the 10 seropositive patients with scores above the cut-off (p = .02). The data suggest that a subpopulation of HIV-infected adults may exhibit subtle neuropsychological impairment before they develop clinical signs of cognitive deficit or immunosuppression.

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