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Devinsky, Orrin; D'Esposito, Mark
Neurology of Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders
New York, NY, US: Oxford University Press, 2004
xv, 451 pp
(Contemporary neurology series ; 68)

This book covers the neurological bases of cognitive and behavioral disorders. It begins with an overview of brain anatomy, neuropsychological testing, and examination of mental status. Chapter two covers functional neuroimaging of cognition, including issues with neuroimaging and clinical applications of it. The third chapter covers the right hemisphere of the brain--including hemispheric dominance, interhemispheric communication, and consciousness. The next two chapters cover attention and perception, as well as disorders in each process. Language, aphasia, and other speech disorders are the subject of the sixth chapter. The motor system's relation to behavior is covered by chapter seven. In the eighth chapter, the authors discuss memory and memory disorders. After covering the anatomy of the frontal lobes, chapter nine discusses executive function, its assessment, and disorders related to the frontal lobe. The final two chapters cover emotion, the limbic system, and therapy for cognitive and neurobehavioral disorders

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