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MacAllister, William S; Harder, Lana
"Multiple sclerosis"
IN: Pediatric neuropsychology: Medical advances and lifespan outcomes / Baron, Ida Sue [Ed]; Rey-Casserly, Celiane [Ed].
New York, NY, US: Oxford University Press; US, 2013

(from the chapter) The understanding of multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis and management has undergone a dramatic transformation in the past two decades. Not long ago, MS was considered essentially untreatable, and physicians of the day could offer littie in the way of disease modification or symptom management. Now we have a greater understanding of the pathophysiology of the disease and disease presentation and progression as well as a small arsenal of disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) to slow overall progression as well as a host of symptomatic treatments to allay its effects. Although generally considered a disease of young adulthood, MS can occur in children and adolescents. This chapter discusses diagnosis of and treatment for the disease in younger populations as well as its psychological and neurological outcomes.

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