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Snow RB; Weiner H
"Cervical laminectomy and foraminotomy as surgical treatment of cervical spondylosis: a follow-up study with analysis of failures"
Journal of spinal disorders 1993 Jun; 6(3):245-50; discussion 250
Ninety patients were followed after undergoing multilevel cervical laminectomy for cervical myeloradiculopathy secondary to cervical stenosis. Follow-up data was obtained by chart review and phone interview for all patients; 20% were examined at follow-up as well; 77% of patients were improved, 13% without change, and 10% worse at follow-up. No patients deteriorated in the immediate postoperative period. Greater than 50% of severely disabled patients had an excellent result, and 78% improved somewhat. It is concluded that cervical laminectomy is an effective procedure for treating patients with cervical spondylosis causing myeloradiculopathy. Reasons for failure of this procedure, although rarely identified on follow-up examination, are reviewed and briefly discussed

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