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Ettinger AB; Dhoon A; Weisbrot DM; Devinsky O
"Predictive factors for outcome of nonepileptic seizures after diagnosis"
Journal of neuropsychiatry & clinical neurosciences 1999 Fall; 11(4):458-463
The aim of this study was to assess prognosis among adult patients with nonepileptic seizures (NES) and to determine predictor variables for resolution of NES after diagnosis. Six to 9 months after receiving a video-EEG-documented diagnosis of NES, 43 adults responded by telephone interview to a detailed, structured questionnaire probing history of the episodes, psychiatric factors, socioeconomic variables, relationships, reactions to receiving the diagnosis, and potential history of litigation. At follow-up, only 18.6% were episode-free, 55.8% had improved, 16.3% reported no change, and 9.3% reported greater frequency of episodes. Patients who reported having many friends currently or having good relationships with friends as a child were significantly more likely to be episode-free. Subjects with pending litigation were significantly less likely to experience a reduction in episodes

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