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Arle JE; Perrine K; Devinsky O; Doyle WK
"Neural network analysis of preoperative variables and outcome in epilepsy surgery"
Journal of neurosurgery 1999 Jun; 90(6):998-1004
OBJECT: Because appropriate patient selection is essential for achieving successful outcomes after epilepsy surgery, the need for more robust methods of predicting postoperative seizure control has been created. Standard multivariate techniques have been only 75 to 80% accurate in this regard. Recent use of artificial intelligence techniques, including neural networks, for analyzing multivariate clinical data has been successful in predicting medical outcome. METHODS: The authors applied neural network techniques to 80 consecutive patients undergoing epilepsy surgery in whom data on demographic, seizure, operative, and clinical variables to predict postoperative seizures were collected. Neural networks could be used to predict postoperative seizures in up to 98% of cases. Student's t-tests or chi-square analysis performed on individual variables revealed that only the preoperative medication index was significantly different (p = 0.02) between the two outcome groups. Six different combinations of input variables were used to train the networks. Neural network accuracies differed in their ability to predict seizures: using all data (96%); all data minus electroencephalography concordance and operative side (93%); all data except intra- or postoperative variables such as tissue pathological category (98%); all data excluding pathological category, intelligence quotient (IQ) data, and Wada results (84%); only demographics and tissue pathological category (65%); and only IQ data (63%). CONCLUSIONS: Analysis of the results reveals that several networks that are trained with the usual accepted variables characterizing the typical evaluation of epilepsy patients can predict postoperative seizures with greater than 95% accuracy

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