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Perrine K; Uysal S; Dogali M; Luciano DJ; Devinsky O
"Functional mapping of memory and other nonlinguistic cognitive abilities in adults"
Advances in neurology 1993 ; 63(1):165-177
The review of previous research and the studies undertaken at our center suggest an important role for mapping of nonlinguistic cognitive functions with cortical stimulation. Such mapping is usually restricted to language functions, which is understandable given the importance of language to daily activities and the reports of postoperative declines in naming. However, memory functions are also critical to adaptive daily living, and these studies show that memory may be effectively addressed through mapping procedures. Both Ojemann's studies and those at our center suggest an important role for much of the temporal convexity in memory processing, and we believe that postoperative memory declines can be minimized with mapping of the temporal lobe prior to resection. Patients presenting with unique abilities that may be susceptible to postoperative declines can also be effectively mapped with stimulation studies tailored to their unique abilities. We encourage the expansion of mapping paradigms beyond just the language domain and believe that such studies will both improve the quality of our patients' functioning and further our knowledge of brain-behavior relationships

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