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Murphy JM; Motiwala R; Devinsky O
"Phenytoin intoxication"
Southern medical journal 1991 Oct; 84(10):1199-1204
We studied the clinical features of 85 cases of phenytoin toxicity in 76 patients treated at a general hospital. Serum levels of phenytoin on admission ranged from 30.3 to 95.0 micrograms/mL (median, 46.5). Iatrogenic causes of intoxication were common and included increased daily dosage and intravenous loading in the emergency room for single seizures in patients with subtherapeutic serum phenytoin levels. The most frequent neurologic findings were nystagmus (95%), ataxia (88%), lethargy (22%), and seizures (19%). Outcome was usually good, but three patients had serious complications

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# 34457 (MEDL:1925719)

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