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Devinsky O; Sato S; Kufta CV; Ito B; Rose DF; Theodore WH; Porter RJ
"Electroencephalographic studies of simple partial seizures with subdural electrode recordings"
Neurology 1989 Apr; 39(4):527-533
We used subdural electrodes to study the EEG features of simple partial seizures in 7 patients. We detected epileptiform discharges in 61 of 68 subdurally recorded simple partial seizures compared with 6 of 55 simple partial seizures recorded with scalp electrodes (p less than 0.0001). The onset of 36 nonmotor simple partial seizures was detected only by the medial and basal temporal subdural electrodes, and the onset of 25 simple partial seizures with motor manifestations was recorded by subdural electrodes only from the lateral cortex of the posterior frontal lobe. There was a close correspondence between the area first involved in the epileptiform discharge during simple partial seizures and the area first involved during complex partial and secondary generalized tonic-clonic seizures. Subdural electrodes may be effective in localizing the onset and spread of simple partial seizures, including those that arise from the medial temporal lobe

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