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Buchwald J; Devinsky O
"J. Russell Reynolds and the study of interictal symptoms in epilepsy"
Archives of neurology 1988 Jul; 45(7):802-803
Sir John Russell Reynolds (1828-1896) was a prominent English neurologist who was among the first to carefully study interictal behavior in patients with epilepsy. He challenged the prevailing dogma that severe mental illness was nearly always concomitant of epilepsy. Studying the cognitive and emotional functions of 62 patients with essential (idiopathic) epilepsy, he found that 39% of the patients were normal, 32% had only mild impairment of recent memory, and 29% had moderate to severe psychopathologic findings. His study of interictal behavior in epilepsy is one of the earliest attempts to avoid selection bias and represents an important contribution to the study of this problem

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