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Devinsky O; Price BH; Cohen SI
"Cardiac manifestations of complex partial seizures"
American journal of medicine 1986 Feb; 80(2):195-202
Six patients with complex partial seizures in whom the first or most prominent manifestation was cardiovascular are described. 'Anginal pain,' which was usually atypical, developed in five patients (mean age 34), although three were admitted to coronary care units; sinus tachycardia developed in one, sinus bradycardia leading to syncope developed in one, and a cluster of symptoms suggestive of pheochromocytoma developed in one. The causal relationship between complex partial seizures and these symptoms is based on clinical history, electrodiagnostic studies indicating epilepsy (in five of six cases) without changes of myocardial ischemia, and response to anticonvulsant but not antianginal medications. Complex partial seizures that present with cardiovascular and other visceral symptoms represent an underdiagnosed, treatable disorder

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