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Duclos H; Galanaud P; Devinsky O; Maillot MC; Dormont J
"Enhancing effect of low dose cyclophosphamide treatment on the in vitro antibody response"
European journal of immunology 1977 Oct; 7(10):679-684
We have studied the effect of cyclophosphamide (CY) administration on the subsequent in vitro antibody response in the mouse. Treatment with a low dose (20 mg/kg) of CY four days before culture results in an increased IgM response to the T-independent antigen trinitrophenylated polyacrylamide (TNP-PAA), without affecting the background response of unstimulated cultures. This suggests that CY treatment eliminates a short-lived suppressor cell, involved in the regulation of the in vitro B cell response. In contrast, the same regimen decreases the ability of nude mouse spleen cells to respond to TNP-PAA, showing that the target of CY-enhancing effect is a mature T cell. The increased response observed in conventional mice should be the result of a balance between the direct suppressive effect of CY on B cells and the elimination of a suppresor T cell, the latter phenomenon being of predominant significance in our conditions. The target of CY-enhancing effect is nonadherent to plastic, but adherent to Sephadex G-10 columns

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