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Laff, Rachel; Mesad, Salah; Devinsky, Orrin
"Epileptic kinetopsia: Ictal illusory motion perception"
Neurology 2003 Nov 11; 61(9):1262-1264
A 38-year-old woman with a right posterior temporo-occipital brain tumor developed partial seizures with illusory motion perception of environmental objects going from the center to the periphery within her left visual field. Subdural EEG recordings during visual seizures revealed onsets in the right temporo-parieto-occipital junction. Her ictal visual distortion was probably caused by activation of V5, an area involved in motion perception. Given that the tumor location corresponds with the ictal onset in the V5 area, and the semiology of her seizures, this case supports that epileptic dysfunction in V5 can cause illusions of visual motion

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