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Naga, Anjanette A; Devinsky, Orrin; Barr, William B
"Somatoform disorders after temporal lobectomy"
Cognitive & behavioral neurology 2004 Jul; 17(2):57-61
OBJECTIVE: Depression, anxiety, and psychosis are the most frequent psychiatric disorders after epilepsy surgery. The only new-onset somatoform disorder reported postoperatively is conversion disorder. We identified 10 patients who developed somatoform disorder other than nonconversion epileptic seizures after anterior temporal lobectomy. METHOD: We retrospectively reviewed the charts of 325 anterior temporal lobectomy and 125 extratemporal surgeries between 1991 and 2000. RESULTS: Seven of the patients developed undifferentiated somatoform disorder after anterior temporal lobectomy, 1 had pain and body dysmorphia, another had pain disorder, and another had body dysmorphia alone, but none were found after extratemporal surgeries (chi-square = 3.93; P < or = 0.05). Somatoform disorder was significantly more common in right anterior temporal lobectomy (n = 9) than left anterior temporal lobectomy (n = 1) (chi-square = 6.5; P < or = 0.025). CONCLUSIONS: Our findings suggest that right temporal resection contributes to the development of somatoform disorders in our patients and that right temporal dysfunctions may contribute to idiopathic somatoform disorders

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