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Laroi, Frank; Barr, William B; Keefe, Richard S. E
"The neuropsychology of insight in psychiatric and neurological disorders"
IN: Insight and psychosis: Awareness of illness in schizophrenia and related disorders / Amador, Xavier F (Ed)
New York, NY, US: Oxford University Press, 2004
2nd ed

(from the chapter) This chapter comprises three parts. The first involves a description of impairments of awareness in neurobehavioural disorders. Then, a parallel between these impairments of awareness with those found in schizophrenia will be presented. The second part of the chapter involves the presentation of a form of awareness disorder that has recently been studied in schizophrenia, namely, an impairment in autonoetic awareness. Finally, the third part will briefly present major theoretical approaches to disorders of awareness, in particular, neurobehavioural and neuropsychological theories

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# 4723 (PSYCH:2004-18825-007)

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