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Ettinger, AB; Devinsky, O
"Use of gabapentin to treat focal status epilepticus"
Journal of epilepsy 1997 NOV-DEC ; 10(6):291-293
Although gabapentin (GPN) is commonly used as adjunctive therapy to treat recurrent self-limited seizures, little is known about its potential efficacy in treating prolonged partial seizures. We report two cases of refractory focal status epilepticus successfully treated with oral GPN. Ln both cases, GPN precluded the need for pentobarbital coma. We suggest that GPN may be an effective treatment for focal status epilepticus and should be studied further for its potential efficacy in this condition. (C) 1997 by Elsevier Science Inc. All rights reserved

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# 53127 (ISI:A1997YK01800006)

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