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Dogali M; Devinsky O; Luciano D; Perrine K
"Invasive intracranial monitoring, cortical resection and multiple subpial transection for the control of intractable complex partial seizure of cortical onset"
Stereotactic & functional neurosurgery 1994 ; 62(1-4):222-225
Invasive intracranial monitoring with subdural grids has led to a greater appreciation of cortical function and the discovery of ictal onset either independently or in conjunction with deep structures. With the description of multiple subpial transections the armamentarium for surgical control of intractable seizures has been expanded. Utilizing invasive intracranial monitoring with subdural grids and strips, a large series of patients with intractable complex partial seizures originating in exquisite cortex, and in some cases additionally in deep structures, have undergone surgery. These patients would previously have been judged not to be candidates for surgical control of seizures. We will present 9-month or greater follow-up in an ongoing series of patients undergoing cortical resection and subpial transections in whom there has been a statistical improvement in control or alleviation of their seizure disorder. The report will specifically discuss outcomes as related to exquisite cortex, motor, sensory and language functions, as well as clinical results and EEG

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