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Heller, Samantha L; Heier, Linda A; Watts, Richard; Schwartz, Theodore H; Zelenko, Natalie; Doyle, Werner; Devinsky, Orrin
"Evidence of cerebral reorganization following perinatal stroke demonstrated with fMRI and DTI tractography"
Clinical imaging 2005 Jul-Aug; 29(4):283-287
A 44-year-old man with a left perinatal stroke and recurrent refractory epilepsy underwent functional MRI (fMRI) for motor and language mapping to determine if further epilepsy surgery could be performed without loss of language. Language was activated excessively in the right hemisphere, with only small areas of left hemisphere activation. This suggests bilateral language dominance acquired secondary to the perinatal stroke with the right hemisphere activation resulting from neonatal neuronal reorganization. Functional data were overlaid onto 3D diffusion tensor tractography, providing a unique image of the right hemisphere language recruitment

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