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Vazquez, Blanca; Devinsky, Orrin
"Epilepsy and anxiety"
Epilepsy & behavior 2003 Dec; 4 Suppl 4():S20-S25
Studies in the general population demonstrate that anxiety disorders are associated with impaired quality of life and function. Available evidence suggests that comorbid anxiety disorders are frequent among patients with epilepsy but that neither the interrelationships between them nor the impact of anxiety disorders on functional outcome is well studied. The study and management of anxiety disorders are further complicated by the occurrence of seizures, the temporal relationship between seizures and anxiety symptoms/syndromes, and the influence of antiepileptic drugs. Increased recognition of anxiety disorders among patients with epilepsy and evaluation of the potential impact of these disorders on functional outcome and the beneficial and detrimental effects of antiepileptic drugs in clinical practice are needed

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