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Devinsky O; Perrine K; Vazquez B; Luciano DJ; Dogali M
"Multiple subpial transections in the language cortex"
Brain 1994 Apr; 117(Pt 2):255-265
Multiple subpial transections (MST) were made in language cortex in three patients with medically refractory partial epilepsy. All patients were mapped with extra-operative stimulation using subdural grids over the dominant temporal, frontal and parietal convexity. Two patients had anterior temporal lobectomy and MST in posterior language cortex. One patient who had undergone a previous frontal tumour resection had only MST over the frontoparietal convexity, including frontal and parietal language areas. Both patients with MST in the posterior language cortex had postoperative language dysfunction, which had improved significantly by 9 months after surgery. The patient with MST in frontoparietal language areas had improved language functions immediately postoperatively. The two men with anterior temporal lobectomies and MST are seizure-free at 1 year follow-up and the woman with frontoparietal MST has had a > 70% reduction in seizure frequency at 1 year follow-up

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