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Kuzniecky, RI; Jackson, GD; Berkovic, SF
"Introduction to epilepsy"
IN: Magnetic resonance in epilepsy : neuroimaging techniques / Kuzniecky, Ruben I; Jackson, Graeme D (Eds)
Burlington MA : Elsevier Academic, 2005
2nd ed

The chapter provides an introduction to epilepsy and outlines the history of epileptic seizures. Despite major developments in the understanding of epilepsy and the propagation and spread of epileptic seizures, the central issues and principles remain unchanged to date. If the seizure focus is accurately localized, surgical removal of that focus can alleviate the occurrence of seizures. The technological environment has changed to a remarkable extent in this respect. The data and criteria by which the diagnosis of seizure localization is made continue to develop. The chapter examines the role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electroencephalography in this evaluation process. The development of neuroimaging techniques has changed the concepts of epilepsy diagnosis, management, and treatment. In addition to its initial revolutionary role in the surgical treatment of epilepsy, MRI has altered the clinical approach to many forms of focal and generalized epilepsy. The chapter describes the general concepts of epilepsy, including a few essential definitions and terminologies that are used for defining this disorder. The chapter concludes with a discussion on the epidemiology and mechanism of epilepsy.

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