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Barr, William B; Raghavan, Manoj; Kim Nelson, Peter; Devinsky, Orrin
"Prediction of false-positive recognition errors during Wada testing"
Journal of clinical & experimental neuropsychology 2006 Oct; 28(7):1065-1072
False-positive (FP) errors during recognition memory testing often interfere with interpretation of Wada test results. This study examined which clinical and neuropsychological variables provide the best prediction of these errors. Fifty-six patients completed the Wada test and the California Verbal Learning Test (CVLT). Subjects with three or more FP errors on the recognition trials of the CVLT were nearly twice as likely to exhibit FP responding during the Wada test. Further analysis indicates that FP errors during the Wada test appear to be the primary result of a stable and liberal response-bias rather than a result of any other neurological or procedure-related factor

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