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Scherl, William F; Krupp, Lauren B; Christodoulou, Christopher; Morgan, Tina M; Hyman, Leslie; Chandler, Barbara; Coyle, Patricia K; MacAllister, William S
"Normative data for the selective reminding test: a random digit dialing sample"
Psychological reports 2004 Oct; 95(2):593-603
Healthy control participants (46 women, M age=44.3 yr., SD=7.6; 29 men) were recruited to undergo a comprehensive neuropsychological battery and serve as a comparison group in a study of cognitive functioning in patients with Lyme isease. Participants were selected using Mitofsky-Waksberg random digit dialing. The Buschke 12-word, six-trial Selective Reminding Test was administered as part of the neuropsychological battery and normative data are presented stratified by age and sex. Performance on alternate forms of this measure were examined. Mean education, intelligence quotient, and Wide Range Achievement Test-3 Reading scores are reported

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