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Banos, James H; LaGory, Jason; Sawrie, Stephen; Faught, Edward; Knowlton, Robert; Prasad, Avinash; Kuzniecky, Ruben; Martin, Roy C
"Self-report of cognitive abilities in temporal lobe epilepsy: cognitive, psychosocial, and emotional factors"
Epilepsy & behavior 2004 Aug; 5(4):575-579
Self-report of cognitive functioning using the Multiple Abilities Self-Report Questionnaire (MASQ) was examined in 57 left (LTLE) and 36 right (RTLE) temporal lobe epilepsy patients. The MASQ is a 38-item self-report measure assessing five domains of self-perceived cognitive functioning: Language, Visual-Perceptual Abilities, Verbal Memory, Visual-Spatial Memory, and Attention/Concentration. Overall, LTLE patients self-reported more cognitive difficulties across all domains. Language was the only domain to emerge as a robust indicator of seizure lateralization (LTLE patients reporting more problems). Neuropsychological test performance did not emerge as a significant predictor for any domain, whereas measures of psychosocial and emotional functioning accounted for a significant but modest amount of variance in all of them. The results suggest caution in using such self-report measures as an ecological extension of objective testing, but suggest a role in assessing self-appraisal of deficits

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