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Thesen, Thomas; Vibell, Jonas F; Calvert, Gemma A; Osterbauer, Robert A; Giard, Marie-Helene; Wallace, Mark
"Neuroimaging of multisensory processing in vision, audition, touch, and olfaction"
Cognitive Processing 2004 ; 5(2):84-93 Jun
The development of neuroimaging methods has had a significant impact on the study of the human brain. Functional MRI, with its high spatial resolution, provides investigators with a method to localize the neuronal correlates of many sensory and cognitive processes. Magneto- and electroencephalography, in turn, offer excellent temporal resolution allowing the exact time course of neuronal processes to be investigated. Applying these methods to multisensory processing, many research laboratories have been successful in describing cross-sensory interactions and their spatiotemporal dynamics in the human brain. Here, we review data from selected neuroimaging investigations showing how vision can influence and interact with other senses, namely audition, touch, and olfaction. We highlight some of the similarities and differences in the cross-processing of the different sensory modalities and discuss how different neuroimaging methods can be applied to answer specific questions about multisensory processing. (journal abstract)

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