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Brodie, Martin J; French, Jacqueline A
"Role of levetiracetam in the treatment of epilepsy"
Epileptic disorders 2003 May; 5 Suppl 1():S65-S72
Physicians treating patients with epilepsy have a host of thera-peutic options. Drug choice is dictated first by the seizure(s) and/or epilepsy syndrome. Age is also a factor. Special considerations apply to women, particu-larly during their childbearing years, and to patients who are learning-disabled. Drug selection is further influenced by such characteristics as spectrum of activity, rapid response, low potential for drug-drug interactions, and ease of use. In addition to clinical trial data, postmarketing assessments of the new antiepileptic drugs provide useful clinical information on efficacy and safety. Levetiracetam has specific characteristics that make it an optimal choice for many patient populations

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