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Barr, William B
"Recovering from mild traumatic brain injury: What psychology has learned from sports concussion research"
Notebook (New York State Psychological Association) 2007 ; 19(5):24-29 Dec
Research on sports concussion has contributed significantly to our knowledge on the characteristics and course of recovery from mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). Findings from research studies on injured athletes indicate that most symptoms of concussion resolve within 7-10 days of the injury. Results from studies examining the development of more persistent symptoms have found relationships with a number of psychological factors, including expectation and maladaptive coping styles. Systematic reviews of intervention strategies have indicated that psychological approaches to treatment of MTBI, such as early education and support, are more effective than any form of drug treatment. Psychologists should be aware of these findings and the potential for playing a significant role in treating individuals with MTBI. (journal abstract)

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