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Alper, Kenneth; Raghavan, Manoj; Isenhart, Robert; Howard, Bryant; Doyle, Werner; John, Roy; Prichep, Leslie
"Localizing epileptogenic regions in partial epilepsy using three-dimensional statistical parametric maps of background EEG source spectra"
Neuroimage 2008 Feb 1; 39(3):1257-1265
This preliminary study sought to localize epileptogenic regions in patients with partial epilepsy by analysis of interictal EEG activity utilizing variable resolution electromagnetic tomography (VARETA), a three-dimensional quantitative electroencephalographic (QEEG) frequency-domain distributed source modeling technique. The very narrow band (VNB) spectra spanned the frequency range 0.39 Hz to 19.1 Hz, in 0.39 Hz steps. These VNB spectra were compared to normative data and transformed to provide Z-scores for every scalp derivation, and the spatial distributions of the probable EEG generators of the most abnormal values were displayed on slices from a probabilistic MRI atlas. Each voxel was color-coded to represent the significance of the deviation relative to age appropriate normative values. We compared the resulting three-dimensional images to the localization of epileptogenic regions based on invasive intracranial EEG recordings of seizure onsets. The VARETA image indicated abnormal interictal spectral power values in regions of seizure onset identified by invasive monitoring, mainly in delta and theta range (1.5 to 8.0 Hz). The VARETA localization of the most abnormal voxel was congruent with the epileptogenic regions identified by intracranial recordings with regard to hemisphere in all 6 cases, and with regard to lobe in 5 cases. In contrast, abnormal findings with routine EEG agreed with invasive monitoring with regard to hemisphere in 3 cases and with regard to lobe in 2 cases. These results suggest that analysis of background interictal EEG utilizing distributed source models should be investigated further in clinical epilepsy

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