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Devinsky O; Vazquez B; Perrine K; Luciano DJ
"Ictal and postictal apraxia"
Neuropsychiatry neuropsychology & behavioral neurology 1993 ; 6(4):256-259
Presents the cases of 2 right-handed patients (a 62-yr-old man and a 24-yr-old woman) with ictal and postictal apraxia. The Ss were unable to perform previously learned motor tasks either during or after a partial seizure arising in the left temporal region with rapid spread to the left frontoparietal areas. The Ss were able to recall and clearly describe the apraxic nature of their deficit. These cases are consistent with an apraxia resulting from inhibition of dominant hemisphere association cortex subserving complex motor acts.

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# 8155 (PSYCH:1994-22148-001)

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