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Vazquez, Blanca; Gibson, Patricia; Kustra, Robert
"Epilepsy and women's health issues: unmet needs--survey results from women with epilepsy"
Epilepsy & behavior 2007 Feb; 10(1):163-169
The impact of epilepsy on women involves unique issues related to hormone effects on seizure control, seizure and drug effects on reproductive health, birth control options, and bone mineral density. Patient-physician communication on these critical issues may not be adequate. This survey evaluated women's perceptions and misconceptions of the issues they face with the diagnosis of epilepsy and the use of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). The goals of the survey were to identify the level of current patient-physician dialogue on these issues and to determine whether women perceived a need for more information from their physicians. Across the responders, the greatest concerns related to AED therapy were weight gain (63%) and bone health (64%). Among women less than 35 years old, 69% were concerned about pregnancy. Women with epilepsy who access online health information are not adequately educated by their physicians about the impact of epilepsy and AED therapy

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